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About Us

We are Master Shop Italia, a powerful business focused on environmental protection and leader provider in cleaning.
The company born in 2019 by Claudio Fusillo’s determination and willpower who works in cleaning over 12 years old.

Claudio starts to manage cleaning items in Italy being a seller in between fairs and stands;
Today, as Master Shop Italia, he involves and meets foreign markets thanks to his experience and skills.

The aim of Master Shop Italia’s has a dual calling: keep on the trust of our buyers, infact they go on choosing our items online, and the will of export abroad Italian’s cleaning stylinging

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Our mission is focussed on 3 keywords to assure to you, cleaning lover, an experience that deals with INNOVATION – EFFECTIVENESS and HANDINESS to catch the best results turning cleaning into pleasure.

In order to ensure all this to you we decide to spend in RESEARCH of materials and we choose HIGH-PERFORMANCE items with particular attention to their HANDINESS.

We designed, wanted and made items to make the cleaning of any surface a PLEASURE with MINIMUM INVESTMENT OF TIME.

Work experience & Skills

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